Students from Les Coudriers, Villers-Bocage unlock the secrets of the Naours Caves

As the students explained when we visited their school in July this year:

The archeologist Gilles Prilaux found graffitis of Australian soldiers dating from WWI on the walls of the Underground City of Naours, ten kilometers away from our collège. He invited us in September 2015 to participate in his project of research which was planned to last for three years. With him, we visited the caves, took photos of the graffitis and he taught us how to lead an archeologist search. After that, we looked for information on the soldiers on the Internet. We were lucky to attend the Anzac Day Ceremony in 2016 and were proud to be granted the Sadlier Stokes Prize by the Australian Amabassador. We are now looking forward to working with our Australian friends in order to find out more information on our soldiers and on their descendants.

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The dedicate team of Les Coudriers archeologists/historians